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《旅游中级英语(二)》课程期末复习资料 一、 根据词义拼写单词 1. the way you think about something or your idea of what it is like 2. a class on a particular subject, usually given as a form of training 3. the act of agreeing to a demand 4. a place w
一、 根据词义拼写单词
1.??????? the way you think about something or your idea of what it is like??
2.???????? a class on a particular subject, usually given as a form of training
3.???????? the act of agreeing to a demand
4.???????? a place where an organized meeting, concert, etc. takes place
5.???????? the level of confidence and positive feelings that people have, esp. people who work together, who belong to the same team, etc.
6.????????? to experience important events or changes
7.????????? something continues for a long time without any pauses
8.???????? done in a sensible and careful way
9.???????? put sth. into effect; carry out
10.??????? attracting a lot of public attention, usually deliberately
11.??????? characterized by continuous change, activity or progress
12.?????? to possess or own ( a desirable feature)
13.??????? intricate and rich in detail
14.??????? a span of one thousand years
15.??????? all the ancient knowledge, beliefs and stories of a racial or national group
16.?????? to copy the actions, appearance, mannerisms, or speech of; mimic
17.??????? very exciting or shocking
18.??????? the art or practice of shaping figures or designs in the round or in relief, as by chiseling marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal
19.??????? an element in a mixture or compound
20.?????? special knowledge in a scientific or industrial field
21.?????? something you decide to where there is a risk of failure as well as a chance of success
22.???????? very close; touching or almost touching
23. spectator????? a person who watches, esp. an event or sport without taking part
24. empire??? a group of countries under one central government, often ruled by an emperor
25. resemblance??? similarity, esp. in appearance; likeness
26. nostalgia??? a feeling of fondness for something in the past, often mixed with a kind of pleasant sadness
27. biblical???????? relating to or written in the Bible??
28. donation?????? the act of giving something, esp. money, to help a person or an organization
29. philosophy???????? your general attitude to life and the world
30. pilgrim???????? a religious person who travels a long way to holy place
31. tavern???????? a word used in the names of some pubs and hotels
32. vicinity???????? in the area around a particular place
33. annual???????? happening or done every year or once a year
34. ritual????????? one or more ceremonies or customary acts often repeated in the same form
35. fabric?????????? cloth made by threads woven together
36. rhythm????????? regular repeated pattern of sounds or movements
37. colony?????????? a country or area under the political control of a distant country
38. immigrant??????? someone coming into a country from abroad to make their home there
39. abandon????????? to give up or bring an end to something
40. millennium????????? one thousandth anniversary
41. imitate?????????? to mimic
42. elaborate???????? full of details, carefully worked out (adj.)
43. well-being??????? a feeling of being comfortable, healthy, and happy
44. motel????????? a hotel by the side of a road, usually with spaces for cars next to each room

二、 正误判断:

三、 问答题
1. What is MICE tourism and what are the major components of MICE tourism?
2. What is so-called “give and take” philosophy?
3. When did MICE tourism begin to develop? Where was the first conference held?
4. When and Where did the concept of commercial hospitality emerge for the first time?
5. Apart from Disneyland and Disney resorts in the United States, where else can you find them? What do Disneyland and Disney resorts the worldwide have in common? What are the possible differences?
6. What has made Asia attractive to MICE tourism?

四、 英汉互译:
1. There is no experience on earth to compare with Trinidad Carnival, the oldest and greatest of them all, the mother of all Carnivals, often imitated, never equaled.

2. 香港是亚洲重要的国际旅游目的地之一。香港享有“世界上最具有吸引力和活力的城市”之殊荣,其旅游产业也在计划拓展中,这使得香港成为迪斯尼的最佳选址目标。

3. The MICE sector is an important generator of tourism expenditure, investment, foreign exchange earnings and employment. It is hard to calculate the exact size of the MICE industry due to the lack of comprehensive accurate data.

4. At Carnival time, something extraordinary occurs in this nation. Barriers fall. Rank ceases to matter. Something more fundamental and important suffuses the air.

5. 舞狮是欢庆春节的大型户外公共活动之一。很多舞狮队由十至二十人组成,他们巡回于街道或村镇之间。舞狮在中国历史悠久,表演者也是技艺非凡。

6. Beijing Tourism Administration (BTA) has formulated detailed plans for the development of MICE industry in the city. Efforts have already been made to implement such program and regulate the overall development in gradual paces.

7. The Nadam Fair is a traditional festival celebrated in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the seventh lunar month. “Nadam” is the Mongolian word for “recreation” or “games”. It was first held by the Mongolians in the Han Dynasty (206B.C.-220A.D.)

8. 主题公园亦即围绕一个中心主题或包含几个各不相同的主题区域的现代游乐园。大型游览胜地,如美国福罗里达州的迪斯尼世界,实际上就是在它的空间范围内包含着几个主题公园。

9. During the “Macau Tourism Week”, Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO) will sign a protocol of cooperation with the World Trade Centre Macau, to jointly develop and promote the MICE industry of Macau.

五、 实践写作
1. 请帖
A new Hyatt Hotel in your city will have a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a reception. Please design an invitation card for the new Hyatt Hotel.
2. 投诉信
Mrs. White is most upset that the tour group won’t have the time to visit the Children’s Palace, because their stay in Shanghai will be cut short. Please write a letter of complaint on her behalf to the travel agency.
3. 导游欢迎词
Prepare and deliver a welcome speech to a group of Australian tourists coming to your city for a visit.
?????? 4.邀请信
Henry Osborn is a professor in the Department of Leisure, Sports and Recreation at a famous university in the United States, and is now collecting research data in Beijing. Please choose one of the styles and write a letter of invitation to Mr. Osborn to see whether it is possible for him to give a lecture about his research to the students in your university.
?????? 5.员工上岗培训计划书
It is the high tourist season. The hotel recently has recruited some new employees to cope with the situation. Please design a training program of two days for them.
Prepare and deliver a farewell speech to a group of Canadian tourists who have finished their 3-day visit to your city and are now ready to leave your city for Shanghai.

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